The ween (symbol: W$) is the name of the legal tender in three countries of the Union World. Its origin dates back to the creation of the Federal Republic of Benween, in 1792[1], which created several coins and bills, among which are:

  •  1 mellween coin
  •  1 ween coin
  •  2 weens coin
  •  5 weens coin
  •  10 weens coin
  •  20 weens coin

And the following tickets:

  • 30 weens ticket
  • 50 weens ticket
  • 100 weens bill
  • 500 weens ticket
  • 1000 weens bill

History Editar

In Benween, the House of Ween began producing this coin on May 25, 1792.

Mellween Editar

It is the name that receives the division of a ween, therefore, a ween is divided into 1 mellweens.

Etymology Editar

The word mellween comes from the word in benweenes mellum "half" and ween, so mellween means "half ween"

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Details Editar

  1. Year of the foundation of Benween, creation of the ween and the creation of the Benweenian capital
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