Rape is a sexual crime that consists of the act of having sexual relations with another person without their consent. It is a habitual act of aggression in gender-based violence, committed mostly by people who have a very close relationship with the victims, generally committed by a group, or by a group.

In Benween, rape is considered a serious crime against sexual freedom, and it is the most serious crime against this freedom of all sexual crimes.

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Currently the penal types on the differences have different configurations:

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  • Tears in the vagina, cuts and bruises, emotional disorders and sleep disturbances can be suffered.
  • Among the risks are sexually transmitted diseases -YTS, in Benweenian- including infection with the human immunodeficiency virus -HIV- and pregnancy.
  • Women or men who are victims of rape must be carefully examined in a center attended by specialized personnel - a center for rape victims.
  • It is necessary to treat physical injuries, administer antibiotics to prevent infections, urgent contraceptive treatment, and counseling or psychotherapy.
  • Whenever possible, family members and close friends should meet with a member of the rape support team to discuss how to support the rape victim.

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When a sexual violation has been committed, evidence is collected in order to have sufficient evidence. The most important procedure is the legal medical examination that is performed on the victim's body. It begins first with the non-sexual parts of the body, continuing to the external sexual organs, and then the internal sexual organs are examined. Delicacy and discretion during the examination are important because they can reassure victims due to the stress caused after suffering the crime.

The medical examination is carried out in order to obtain evidence of the victim's body. A soft-bristled brush is used to comb the pubic area, as well as other parts of the body where there may be evidence of the criminal act, such as pubic hair or semen. If semen remains are found, they should be extracted with swabs and placed in a test tube. Semen is an alkaline substance that sticks to surfaces, taking the shape of a world map, that is to say substantial in the center and decreases its volume towards the ends, in addition to being a fast drying substance - when drying it acquires a bright cream color that can be detected. If the examination is not performed immediately, the semen or body fluid samples are taken from the place where they were obtained - taking care not to touch them as they may become contaminated. If the fluid samples are found in an article of clothing, the part is cut out, although if it has been found in a sheet, it is preferable to examine it entirely.

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