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Law is a set of principles and norms, generally inspired by ideas of justice and order, that regulate human relations in every society and whose observance is coercively imposed by a public power. The set of principles and legal norms of a given State constitutes its legal system. Law is also the social science that studies, interprets and systematizes the order for its correct application. Law has an intimate connection with politics, economics, sociology and history, and is the center of complex human problems such as the determination of what is just. General Law for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination

The General Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (in Benweenian, Leit Giner per te Prounerllion ie Elliminerllion et ta Dýskreminillion) decreed on August 29, 1993, constitutes the regulation to the second paragraph of said article and gave rise to the National Ministry to Prevent Discrimination.

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