The phrase "Pis, Lilvertt ie Justisis" (Peace, Freedom and Justice, in Benweenian) has been adopted since 1992, as the official motto of Benween. However, this motto already existed since the Benweenian Republic, but when the Federal Republic was founded it changed from "Tan Rypublik lilvertteled ie with Justisis" (A Free and Justice Republic) to only "Pis, Lilvertt ie Justisis".

Since the First Benweenian Empire, a national motto has always existed, always making some modifications, but keeping the same meaning (except in the Dictatorial Benween): a Country that has freedom, peace and justice.

Benween national motto through the years Editar

Motto (in Benweenes or Benskenian) Translation to English Country Years
Populuste Unistet, Populuste Nesventibukulus/Populu Unisted, Populu Neventibis United People, Invincible People First Benweenian Empire 1792 - 1849
Te Imper, ti Popolu, ta greén Patríam Benweeled The Empire, the People, the great Benweenian Homeland Dictatorial Benween 1849 - 1937
Semper unitialed, semper poterled Always together, always powerful Second Benweenian Empire 1937 - 1966
Ta Rypublik lilvertteled ie ale Justisis The Free and Fair Republic Benweenian Republic 1966 - 1992
Pis, Lilvertt ie Justisis Peace, Liberty and Justice Federal Republic of Benween 1992 - onwards

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