Mount Tuley is the highest mountain in Benween, with an altitude of 17526.25 ft. It is located in the southern part of Benween, in the Bensurht Mountain Range[1], specifically in the Nortben Subcordillera[2].

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In 1856, the Benweenian Survey Project established the first published altitude of Mount Tuley, then known as Mountain III[3], at 17585.3 ft. The current official altitude of 17526.25 ft., recognized by the government of Benween. In 2004, Benween measured the altitude of the mountain again and obtained a result of 5342 m. Thus the official height of Mount Tuley was established.

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  1. Bensurht, is divided into two words; Benween and surht (meaning south, in benweenes). Querdiller ed Bensurht, in benweenes.
  2. Nortben, is divided into two; northe (meaning north in benweenes) and Benween. Bajquerdiller ed Nortben, in benweenes.
  3. During the colonization of Benween, this was the third mount, or at that time, mountain, to be discovered.
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