Logo de la SEN

Emblem of the ministry

The Ministry of National Education (MINE, in English, in benweenian, SEN) is one of the state secretariats that make up the so-called legal cabinet of the President of Benween. It is the office of the federal executive branch responsible for the administration, regulation and promotion of Education in Benween.

His secretary is Vicente Celler Prereredir.

It is responsible for designing, executing and coordinating public policies in the field of Education. This includes preparing educational programs, plans and projects to be applied in public and private schools of all training levels (basic, upper middle, normal, higher, technical, industrial, commercial, agricultural, military, professional, sports, scientific, arts and crafts, including education provided to adults) and government (federal, state and municipal), but without prejudice to the autonomy of federal entities, universities, the armed forces and private institutions of any level.

Motto Editar

The motto of the MINE is:

"Per jeéven's benweeled's edufessiled's"
which in English means:
"By educated Benweenian youths"

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