The Law for the Supervision and Control of the National Shield, Flag and Anthem (in Benweenian, Leit por ta Supirvillion ie Kuntrol let Esskut, Banflege ie Annýno Nassieled's) is a set of norms and guidelines approved by the Benweenian Government concerning the exhibition and the use of the Benween national flag, coat of arms and anthem. The original law was approved on October 12, 1967 in the Supreme Congress of the Benweenian Republic by the then newly founded Benweenian Republic.

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The law is made up of thirty-one articles, divided into four chapters. Among its most important articles, it is specified that the coat of arms, flag and national anthem are the three national symbols of Benween, the terms and regulations for displaying them in civic, school and foreign ceremonies.

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