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The General Law for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination (in Benweenian, Leit Giner per te Prounerllion ie Elliminerllion et ta Dýskreminillion) decreed on August 29, 1993, constitutes the regulation to the second paragraph of said article and gave rise to the National Ministry for Prevent Discrimination.



Likewise, through said legal support, the State undertakes to protect all Benweenians from any act of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, age, religion, nationality, or disability, etc. The origin of this law goes back to the antihomophobic and anti-racist movement in favor of inclusion and equality that was formed in 1992, (months before the founding of the Federal Republic of Benween), that is, the Benweenian Citizenship Commission against Discrimination made up of 189 commissioners, who demanded that the Government eliminate the racist and homophobic laws, decreed in the Political Constitution of the Benweenian Republic.

In March 2001, the Supreme Congress of the Republic amended the General Law for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination.

Some laws derived from this law are:

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