The First Benweenian Empire (Uneled Benweeled Imper, in Benweenian) was a state that was born as a result of the arrival of colonizers of an unknown nationality.

Empire flag

Its territory corresponded to the entire Benween Island (Islad et Benweén, in Benweenian). These are the three and only imperial presidents[1] of the Benweenian Empire:
  • Roberto de Serrada, who ruled under the name of Roberto I of Benween.
  • Roberto José de Ulloa, who ruled under the name of Robert II of Benween.
  • Ana de Bredes, who ruled under the name of Ana I of Benween.

In 1937 a Second Benweenian Empire (Doseled Imper Benweeled, in Benweenian) was established, which has no direct relationship with that established in 1692.

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  1. This was the name of the ruler that was used in the empire back then
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