In the last hours of the battle of Civitil et Benween, on the afternoon of April 18, 1937, the Benweenian imperial president Ricardo Trillo Serra was assassinated by Marakawuan and revolutionary troops advancing on the Benweenian capital.

On the night of April 19, after the flag of the Great Benweenian Empire was lowered from the Benweenkaztel flagpole; and the flag of the Benweenian Revolutionary Movement was raised, the Movement, after the official surrender of the Great Benweenian Empire, put Ana Maria Sandel Bareiya as the new imperial president.

Despite the fact that in the Imperial Constitution of the Benweenian Empire and in the current Political Constitution of the Federal Republic of Benween it dictated that an imperial president or now president should be born in Benween and be the son or relative of the previous imperial president, today One day this act is not considered as unconstitutional, but as a fact in favor of the Benweenian Revolutionary Movement to get out of the dictatorship of Ricardo Trillo Serra.

With a Benween free from dictatorship and with the Provisional Revolutionary Government of Benween in power, one of the changes that were made was the return of about 1/3 of the benweenian territory to the former Empire of Binskeen, renamed it as the Independent State of West Benween.

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