The Bencennt River or Ben-Cennt River (in Benweenian, Piesst Bencennt, Piesst Ben-Cennt, code: P-BCT-1) is a river on Benween Island which, with its 3718 km, is the longest in Benween and the Island. Administratively, it travels four States - Dolcetiv, Mattýtenaez, Indeble, Nedissapýer - and a city-state, the capital: Civitil et Benween.

Ubicación del Rio Bencennt

Dark blue: Ocean. Blue: Rio Bencennt. Light blue: Other rivers. Green: States where the river passes. Light green: Bencennt Basin.

The Bencennt is born on the shores of Dolcetiv at an altitude of 202 m, and ends at the Nedi-Ĉleent Dam. It is navigable in almost all its route thanks to the enormous conditioning works carried out mainly during the first half of the 20th century by Francisĉo Lantta Monntoreé. Its river basin, with an area of ​​1,190,000 km², is the 1st largest in Benween and the Island, one of the most important river in Benween in its industrial activities.

Toponymy Editar

The Benweenian name Cennt, meaning center, is coupled with the prefix -Ben, which in the Benskenian was used as an adjective for Bensken. This name is translated into Marakawuan by Bensenteé and in Benskenian they called it Benceėnt.

Tributaries of the Bencennt River Editar

The Bencennt River has only two tributaries, which are listed in the following table.

Name Name in benweenes Code Length
Setele River Piesst Seétele P-BCT-2 23 km
Uluist River Riesst Uluist P-BCT-3 59 km

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